Hi there, I'm Mallory Fagan.

I'm a designer, strategist and creative thinker who has been working in the advertising and design field for the past 6 years. I have had the privilege of working in a wide variety of settings throughout those years exploring my passions and honing my craft. While I've acquired countless new skills, I continually find the most valuable quality in a designer is to be an active listener, thinker and a creative problem-solver—this is what I strive to be for all of my clients. 

I have a love of typography, illustration, paper and passionate folks pursuing inspiring and creative endeavors. I also have an unnatural love for watermelon slushies and twangy music. Born and raised in Western Kentucky, I went on to study design in Louisville where I truly fell in love with the craft and its ever-evolving landscape. Shortly after graduating and getting married to my high-school sweetie, I moved to Chicago where I pursued my big city, career-girl dreams. There I had the opportunity to work for clients big and small and on projects that span from video, print, illustration, packaging, exhibit design and more. I learned from amazingly talented mentors, co-workers and friends the value of hard work and determination and to keep pursuing what I love. As a continual learner, I look forward to furthering my knowledge and expanding my skill-set in the years ahead.

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